I’m going to be camping without internet tomorrow and I’ll come back on Thursday. I don’t have a queue set up or anything (bc i dont roll like that) so my blog will be inactive until my return home.

TL;DR I’m not dead

Goodnight friends I’m off to bed, I will be back soon and it was lovely talking to you all tonight I hope you all have a good week

laureeep asked:

this will be my last one for the night please no more

You are my: [x] Acquaintance [] Friend [] Stranger [] Boyfriend/Girlfriend [] Love Interest [] Best Friend [] Enemy [] Nemesis [x] mutual pssh

I think you’re: [] Ugly [] Ok [] Pretty [] Beautiful [] Gorgeous [] Sexy [] Hot [x] Cute

We should: [] Fight [] Fuck [] Kiss [] Make love [] Text [x] Watch films [x] Talk

I: [x] Like You [] Hate You [] Love You [] Think you’re cool I like your blog

I secretly: [] Hate You [] Love You [] Like You [] Dislike You [] Think You’re pretty rad I like that peace sign way to go the extra mile

Should you reblog this? [x] Yes [] No

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I have had a severe lack of Bo burnham pictures on my dash today :(


Here you go


every black guy in an action movie written by white guys: now that’s what i’m talking about

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